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Separation of Dolomite from the South Florida Phosphate Rock. Volume 2



The future phosphate deposits in Florida are associated with dolomitic limestone impurities. These ores cannot be treated by conventional beneficiation technology to attain an MgO content of 1% or less as required by the fertilizer manufacture industry. The goal of the proposed study is to develop methods which will yield the desired quality of the rock.

Previous studies at the University of Florida have resulted in the development of a two stage conditioning process which has shown a considerable potential in achieving the desired separation. In addition, another flotation process involving salt solution has been developed. The primary focus of the proposed research is to establish the major parameters and optimize them for separating dolomite from francolite at the bench scale. These studies are to be conducted with natural high dolomitic phosphate rock from locations south of the current mining district in Polk County. Mineralogical studies, flotation, adsorption and electrokinetic measurements will be carried out as a function of collector concentration, particle size distribution, pulp density and agitation intensity to develop suitable techniques.