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Selective Flotation of Dolomitic Limestone Impurities from Florida Phosphates



The primary objective of this investigation was to demonstrate the applicability of the new fatty acid flotation technique for processing both low-(matrix or sand fraction) and high-grade (pebble fraction) siliceous dolomitic Florida phosphate ores. The second objective was to improve the process in order to achieve maximum removal of the carbonate (Ca, Mg) and siliceous gangue while maintaining a high recovery of the phosphate values.

The research plan mainly involved initial process development studies, followed by process application studies, both of which were largely of an applied nature. In the course of the process development studies, surface chemical studies, which were of a more fundamental nature, were conducted as needed to complement, and to aid in understanding some of the results obtained. As such, this report, in the main, has been segmented into three parts – process development, process application and surface chemical studies – in consonance with the research plan.