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Physico-Chemical Properties of Florida Phosphatic Clays



The chemical composition, mineralogy, and mechanical properties of waste phosphatic clay samples from a variety of central Florida sources have been determined by field sampling and laboratory testing. Sample sources included 38 settling areas (clay slurry impoundments), 18 beneficiation plants, and 7 future mine sites. Laboratory tests included solids content, grain size, liquid and plastic limits, specific gravity, sedimentation and consolidation, permeability, shear strength, chemical analysis, x-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. The data have been assimilated into a computerized data base (SYSTEM 2000) for storage, retrieval, and evaluation. The data base is organized so that it can assimilate a continuously growing body of information, including additional parameters that may be developed during future studies of phosphatic clays.

This report describes the sampling program and laboratory testing that were done and the data base that was developed. Significant test results are presented in graphical and tabular form, and conclusions are made based on evaluation of the results. Recommendations for expanding and updating the data base are also provided.