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Phosphatic Clay Bibliography


The pdf version of this publication is not available online due to copyright restrictions. Copies are available in the FIPR Library for checkout.

In 1982, the Florida Institute of Phosphate Research (FIPR) compiled the first edition of the “Phosphatic Clay Bibliography”, one of the most popular FIPR publications. During the past decade, phosphatic clay remained the major waste problem in phosphate beneficiation, and extensive research efforts have continued for an economical and environmentally sound solution to this problem. Consequently, a vast collection of information was generated. Recognizing the need to update the bibliography, FIPR initiated a painstaking literature search for information on phosphatic clays, and the result is this updated bibliography.

Although an extensive search of the literature was conducted for items to be included, this bibliography should by no means be considered to be all-inclusive. In addition, an effort was made to include abstracts for a large percentage of the references uncovered.

A significant number of citations in the bibliography are not specifically on phosphatic clays. Such items are included because they contain concepts, methodology or descriptions of test equipment that may be useful in studying the phosphatic clay problem.