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Consolidation Characteristics Determination for Phosphatic Clays. Volume 1: Seepage Induced Consolidation Test Equipment Description and Users Manual



The equipment required to perform seepage induced consolidation tests is described in this manual together with the step by step procedure for preparing the samples and performing the tests. The test analysis is performed using the computer program SICTA which is described in a separate users manual (Abu-Hejleh and Znidarcic, 1992). The testing procedure described herein includes a standard form in which the test parameters are input and prepared for the analysis using program SICTA. All units in this manual are consistent with the SI system of units, however, they can be converted into any other consistent system of units and used in the SICTA program. This manual relates to the specific equipment constructed for this project but any other equipment in which the seepage induced consolidation tests can be performed may be used to generate data required for the analysis using the program SICTA.

The equipment with all technical data is described in chapter two of this report. The step by step sample preparation and testing procedures are described in chapter three together with the description of the data necessary for the analysis using program SICTA.