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Inventory of Environmental Quality Monitoring Locations in the Central Florida Phosphate District

Item not available in pdf. A copy is available in the FIPR Library.


Numerous local, state and federal governmental agencies and private industries collect environmental data within the Central Florida Phosphate District of DeSoto, Hardee, Hillsborough, Manatee and Polk Counties. These data are collected for meteorologic, surface water and groundwater conditions prior to, during and after phosphate mining. Other data are collected which are not necessarily related, but could be useful in assessing environmental conditions and changes within these counties. To date, there has been no comprehensive inventory or assessment of the number, type and location of the data collected. In some cases, there may be inadequate data collection and analysis, while in others, the data collection may be redundant and superfluous. This project was aimed at cataloging and describing the types of environmental data collection programs within the study area, but does not contain actual data at the individual sites. Rather, it provides a catalog of the types of data available in the study area.

Governmental and private institutions were contacted to determine the extent of their data collection activities in the five-county area. Approximately 283 meteorologic, 1196 surface water and 5081 groundwater stations were identified. The data were assembled, reviewed, coded, and entered into a computerized catalog. The computer program has the capability to sort data by types, location and up to 126 other parameters. Tables and maps were prepared to illustrate the type, location, number, and purposes for which the data were collected. The data are available for use by governmental and private interests who need to determine the availability of background data at a particular region of concern. This catalog is current to December 1984. It recommended that the inventory be updated in January 1986 and every two years thereafter.