Dr. Jim Mennie, D.B.A., FIPR Institute Business Director, Florida Polytechnic University Associate Professor, Business Analytics

Meet the FIPR Institute’s Business Director:

Dr. Jim Mennie has been with Florida Polytechnic University since 2015 and is an Assistant Professor of Business Analytics in the Department of Data Science and Business Analytics.

Last summer, Dr. Mennie was appointed to the position of Business Director of the FIPR Institute with the expanded purpose of strengthening FIPR’s finances, developing a new strategic plan and implementing it.

Dr. Mennie reports to the FIPR Institute Executive Director, Dr. Terry Parker, and has day-to-day responsibility managing FIPR’s daily operations.

Dr. Mennie has over 35 years of business experience, having owned his own family businesses, as well as having worked for large companies in the New York metro area, from where he relocated to Florida. He has extensive experience in improving a broad range of business operations.